Reinventing yourself as a seller

Ep 4: How can sellers reinvent themselves for the digitally-driven recovery?

The New Normal

In a global environment where we have already seen tens of millions of jobs lost and a lot more likely to come and when the World Economic Forum tells us that more than one billion jobs are to be transformed by technology, it is time to ask ourselves, “How can sellers reinvent themselves for a digitally-driven recovery”.

To answer this question, we dig into the latest research on buyer behaviour, the demands accelerated technology adoption places on sellers and the opinions of global business leaders on what sales teams should be doing to rethink, retool and upskill in order to emerge ahead of their competition.

We also examine the very real barriers that exist to upskilling sales teams at the moment and present a considered breakdown of the skillset, toolset and mindset your sellers should be developing across domains such as thinking skills, social skills, emotional skills and technology skills to ensure they remain an ‘employee of the future’.

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Selling in the New Normal
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