Resources to help you excel as a seller or sales manager

Business development is a key capability for any organisation and it’s up to you as an individual to ensure you continue to develop your skills and toolbox. We developed these free resources to help you grow in your role as a seller or sales manager. They are the same tools we offer in our paid programs through our Remarkable Results consulting arm and provide you with current, best practice guidance to excel in your role.

Business sales training

Business Development Resources

Access our free business development resources.
These tools are designed to support you to plan how you can add value to your network and deepen your business-to-business relationships.

Business Networking Fundamentals

Business Networking Fundamentals Tools

Our Business Networking Fundamentals Tools provide you with essential templates to map your network and review your internal and external advocates as well as an action plan to improve engagement with your networks.

Communicating Value Fundamentals tools

Communicating Value Fundamentals Action Plan

Our Communicating Value Fundamentals Action Plan is a best practice tool to ask self-guided questions around what you should stop doing, start doing and keep doing that will add value to your business-to-business relationships.

Industry and Market Research Fundamentals

Industry and Market Research Tools

Our Industry and Market Research Tools provide you with our best practice PESTLEG Worksheet and Heat Map – an essential best practice tool to understand your client and industry environment.

Value Creation Fundamentals tools

Value Creation Fundamentals Tools

Our Value Creation Fundamentals Tool follows the SCOPE model and provides you with an Action Plan worksheet to plan what you should stop doing, keep doing or start doing when it comes to creating value for your network.