Selling in the new Normal Podcast

Ep 2: What should we be curious about right now?

The New Normal

Given the changes that sellers and buyers are experiencing as we adapt/adopt to virtual and digital selling, we ask the questions:

  • What should we be curious about right now?
  • How do we find the right questions to ask?
  • How do we find the right answers?

To answer the first question we turn to the most recent and relevant B2B customer research from Forrester and Gartner as well as digesting output from the likes of Mckinsey, Boston and Bain consulting groups to get a handle on some the changes we are seeing in buyer behaviour.

In taking these perspectives and holding them in light of our roles as sales leaders and sales reps we seek to understand the types of questions we should be asking ourselves to ensure business success. 

Finally, we look at the mindset and skills we need to drive insight and innovation so we can begin to work out how to find the right answers to our business challenges as sellers and sales leaders.

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Selling in the New Normal
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