Mental Health Management for sellers

Ep 5: How can sellers better manage their mental health?

The New Normal

In this episode, Mark has a conversation with leading Business Psychologist and Sales Mental Health Trainer, Kristian Lees-Bell on maintaining good mental health in a complex sales environment in times of great stress or change.

With over 20% (and rapidly rising) of salespeople admitting that stress has disrupted their job performance, and top performers burning-out and leaving the profession because they are ashamed to ask for help, Kristian makes the case that it’s time to start taking real action.

Sales functions often face real challenges in supporting good mental health for their people.  Sales managers and leaders are often unsure of how to handle mental health issues or spotting potential issues as they arise and in this episode, Kristian shares some perspectives on how to change this.

Kristian delivers practical tips to help us navigate our mental health, manage stress and prevent overwhelm in changing times. 

There is also a mixture of great advice from Kristian, anecdotes from Mark and Kristian’s personal experiences as sellers and sales leaders and some advice for organisational leaders on how to better support sales teams mental health.

About our guest

Kristian Lees-Bell. Sales Mental Fitness Trainer

Combining his sales experience and work as a business psychologist and hypnotherapist, Kristian’s passion and expertise is in developing behaviour and culture changes that drive both personal and business growth.

Kristian Lees-Bell trains business owners, senior managers and sellers to develop the key psychological skills and behaviours they need to stay mentally ‘fit’ and drive sales performance and growth in their teams and organisations.

As a former sales director, he knows how the pressure in sales and customer service roles can be a double-edged sword. Quarterly targets, and an always-on culture, can lead to high-performance if channelled correctly, but prolonged stress can lead to mental and physical health risks if mishandled.

[Tweet “When it comes to stress, there’s a fine line between having enough to enable performance and too much and tipping the balance. -Kristian Lees-Bell”]

Resources and links

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