Sales Management Playbook

Ep 3: What should the sales management playbook look like in the new normal?

The New Normal

Currently, there is a slowing of sales opportunities due to Covid-19, and so sellers are falling short of their targets. In response to this, average Sales Managers are demanding sellers double down on traditional sales activity. 

Unfortunately, not only will this fail to deliver results, it will also cause burn out in their sales team. 

Far better to use the slowdown time to rethink Sales Operating Rhythms and Sales Management Operating Rhythms to adapt to seismic shifts in buyer behaviour, digital and virtual selling and the changing capabilities required from sellers.

In this podcast, we examine the factors that need to be reconsidered in a Sales Management Playbook and propose a simple approach to developing them.

I have been helping global clients write Sales Management Playbooks for over ten years and now more than ever it is time to rebuild those playbooks to reflect the necessary tension you need to find between strong rhythm/rigour and the need for agility/flexibility to meet the new and consistent evolution in buyer and seller behaviour.

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Selling in the New Normal
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