Selling in the new Normal

Ep 6: How do we redefine the sales processes to keep up with change?

The New Normal

In this episode, we seek answers on how to redesign sales processes to maximise revenue, cash flow and profitability. 

Lloyd Ross, a Senior Management Consultant at RPM Queensland, tells us his own story on how he and his team created sales processes that revolutionised their industry.

Lloyd offers us a simple approach to improving the sales process, leveraging technology as an accelerator and using deeper understanding of buyer preferences to increase volume and quality of commercial opportunities.

Through telling a compelling story starting in the mid 80’s and bringing us right up to date, Lloyd delivers practical advice, tried and tested methods and insightful perspectives on the journey to mastering your sales strategy.

About our guest

Lloyd Ross

At age 19, Lloyd graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, at 21 with a Master of International Business and at 24 with a Juris Doctor postgraduate law degree from Bond University.

He was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland, Australia as a lawyer in 2008 and after cutting his teeth in real estate (in between studies), he attained his full real estate license, with experience in commercial leasing and sales.

Since then Lloyd has taken numerous startups through to scale and growth and is a hands on expert in the redesign of the sales process to deliver exponential increases in revenue, profit and company valuation.

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Selling in the New Normal
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