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The Selling in the New Normal podcast showcases best practice sales and business development strategies and hears from some of the world’s leading business-to-business buyers and sellers to best understand how to navigate complex B2B sales in a rapidly changing world.

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Selling in the New Normal

Latest Episodes

Beyond Normal Now
Mental Health Management for sellers

Ep 5: How can sellers better manage their mental health?

The New Normal
In this episode, Mark has a conversation with leading Business Psychologist and Sales Mental Health Trainer, Kristian Lees-Bell on maintaining good mental health in a complex sales environment in times of great stress or change. With over 20% (and rapidly…
Selling in the new Normal Podcast

Ep 2: What should we be curious about right now?

The New Normal
Given the changes that sellers and buyers are experiencing as we adapt/adopt to virtual and digital selling, we ask the questions: What should we be curious about right now? How do we find the right questions to ask? How do…
Business selling for SEO

Ep 1: What is the new normal? With Adam Thorp

The New Normal
In this episode we interview Adam Thorp, the CEO of Julian Midwinter & Associates and have a conversation about the ‘new normal’ and what it means to both buyers and sellers. In this discussion we arrive at the view that…

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