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Ep 1: What is the new normal? With Adam Thorp

The New Normal

In this episode we interview Adam Thorp, the CEO of Julian Midwinter & Associates and have a conversation about the ‘new normal’ and what it means to both buyers and sellers. In this discussion we arrive at the view that there is no normal anymore and highlight the importance of deep curiosity about the buyer and their world. We also look at the emerging trends towards B2B ecommerce and ask the question, what does this mean for both buyers and sellers in the short and long term.

Adam is a business growth specialist who works closely with executive leadership teams to align their sales strategy and market-facing operating model frameworks to create value for organisations and deliver stronger sales performance and change. He brings specialist expertise in sales, customer experience, organisational effectiveness, operating model design and performance improvement.

Adam has an industry-leading reputation for his approach to co-designing, guiding and supporting organisations through critical sales transformations – enabling them to grow profitability, predictably and sustainably through effective sales execution. He has delivered programs for organisations such as Telstra, Fonterra, Westpac, RMIT, PayPal, Visy and Australia Post.

[Tweet “Organisations can’t put off the transformation you know you need to do. You can’t afford not to do it. – Adam Thorp”]

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Selling in the New Normal
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